Welcome to Greasy Motors

(the real "GM")

Welcome future "Greasers"!

My name is Joe Libera, and I am the owner of Greasy Motors.

Here's the deal, I resurrect old VW diesel Rabbits, Jettas, Cabriolets, Dashers, etc. into Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) vehicles. Why spend money on fuel when you can recycle oil from your nearby restaurants? You'll be the envy of your petroleum guzzlin neighbors!

Prior to delivery (or pickup), each vehicle undergoes any necessary work on the body and interior. It has the WVO system installed and gets a brand spankin' new paint job (color of your choosing). I'm somewhat partial to the lime green with racing stripes. Ha! Ha! Finally your Greasy Motor gets brand new tires, oil filters (engine and WVO), air filter, fuel filter and a fresh oil change.

Prices are negotiable (based on delivery, etc.), but the basic packages I offer are $4,500 for a vehicle with its original, non-rebuilt engine and $6,500 for a vehicle with a rebuilt engine installed. I require a 50% deposit before I start the necessary renovations. If you're interested in learning more about becoming the proud owner of your own grease burning machine then please send me an e-mail at joe@greasymotors.com.

My engines are rebuilt by a professional diesel engine mechanic in Minneapolis, MN. My mission is to sell recycled vehicles with recycled fuel tanks that run on waste vegetable oil. That's a whole lotta recycling!

Rudolph Diesel originally designed the diesel engine to run on peanut oil. This was the original plan until the petroleum industry discovered a by-product of oil (gasoline) and began selling the consumer "diesel fuel". So in a sense, we're bringing the engine back to its roots! Aahh, liberation!

p.s. I'm not the old man in the photos...